Property Bridging Loan Is The Solution To A Home-Selling Nightmare

26 Feb


The type of short-term Real estate finance that is associated with Development finance and Flexible property bridging loans is coming of age. It offers an important source of alternative liquidity during a period when other mainstream lenders as well as banks are not willing to lend; for this reason it is being increasingly utilised by professional property investors.

A lot of trade associations came into being to represent as well as protect their members’ interests as the sector continues to expand and also mature. The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers or NACFB is among the longest and well established. Its membership is made up of intermediaries, a diverse church of lenders and associated service providers providing a diverse range of services and offering products such as Property development finance where you can pick something up at, Residential Bridging loan uk for Omni capital, Bridging finance uk as well as commercial finance  blog url.

Presently, the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) is the most recent entrant on the scene. It’s composed of more than twenty lenders and enhance standards in the short-term bridging loans market while representing its members at the highest levels amongst law-makers, the regulatory authorities and the media is what it aims to enhance.

The AOBP or the Association of Bridging Professionals is the trade body which has newly emerged. In fact it is an organisation created for intermediaries – brokers, packagers, financial experts – furthermore, it provides associate membership to solicitors, lenders, property valuers at the same time it’s committed to widening choice, cooperation plus opportunity.

While the industry has grown, and so do the number of products. Now, niche products for very specialist use like Refurbishment loans, large-scale community development funding and Mezzanine finance for property development (also referred to as ‘second-charge lending or ‘top-up finance’ ). Many might be confused however the fact is the sector’s trade bodies can guide and help a prospective borrower in the right direction.


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